Accepted papers

Who Broke the News? An Analysis on First Reports of Events.
Matthias Gallé, Jean-Michel Renders and Eric Karstens

Verifying News on the Social Web: Challenges and Prospects.
Steve Schifferes and Nic Newman

Newspaper Editors vs the Crowd: On the Appropriateness of Front Page News Selection.
Arkaitz Zubiaga

Towards Automatic Assessment of the Social Media Impact of News Content.
Tom De Nies, Gerald Haesendonck, Fréderic Godin, Wesley De Neve, Erik Mannens and Rik Van de Walle

Finding News Curators in Twitter.
Janette Lehmann, Carlos Castillo, Mounia Lalmas and Ethan Zucherman

Weaving a Safe Web of News.
Kanak Biscuitwala, Willem Bult, Mathias Lécuyer, Madeline Ross, Augustin Chaintreau, Monica Lam, Chris Haseman and Susan Mc Gregor